Hopper Extractors

Hopper extractors are generally designed for storing, moving and unloading bulk solids. Hopper extractors can vary, according to their use, from one single spiral to a several pairs of spirals.
The use of an anticlockwise spiral and a clockwise spiral in a double hopper extractor will allow you to:
  • Pull the material from the centre and push it towards the end of the spiral.
  • Pull the material from the outside of the spiral towards the centre of the extractor and also transport the material along the length of the central shaft formed by the two spirals.
According to the type of application and the type of material being transported, it is important to consider the information below.
According to the Hopper concept, it can be filled by:
  • Transporter system
  • Lorry trailer
  • Front-end loader
Hopper designed for efficient unloading.
Unloading by gravity through a sliding valve or axially to feed an unloading conveyor.
Top: 4 reducer motors, based on 4 split screws.
Middle: 2 reducer motors, 1 or 2 unloading points per channel.
Bottom: 2 reducer motors on opposite sides of the channel, or 1 or 2 single unloading points per channel.
Low operational cost
  • There are no joints or end bearings.
  • No cover plates to impede the operation.
  • The container fill is 50% greater than a shaft screw conveyor.
  • A pushing drive with free-hand spirals allows controlled out-loading.
(4) reducer motors independently driving (4) shaftless screws. You can use a single spiral, two spirals, or all the spirals at the same time depending on the quantity required and the type of material transported.

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