Shaftless helicoidal screw

We manufacture standard shaftless screws and to the customer’s own specifications.
We can provide shaftless helicoidal screws for your new projects or for refits of installed machines, such as shaftless screw conveyors, sludge screw conveyors, dispensers, compacters, shaftless inclined or vertical conveyors, or any other machine that uses a shaftless helicoidal screw.

What is a shaftless screw conveyor used for?

Normally, the shaftless screw conveyor is used to transport semi-dry materials. The screw is mounted above a channel and is pushed from one side by a motor. A shaftless screw allows greater movement of materials than a shafted screw of the same dimensions.
​As there are no tubes or supports, the material can travel freely without sticking to or wrapping around the shaft. A shaftless screw conveyor can be up to 90 metres long and can function in both directions. Vertical, Sloped, Horizontal, Pushing, Pulling, and it can be used in all types of applications: municipal treatment systems, sludge screws, sorters of sand, pulp, paper, beer factories and many more. With a polyethylene channel, it works without problems, with little or no noise, creating a safe and quiet work environment.



How to order a shaftless helicoidal screw

Clockwise / Anticlockwise. Pushing or pulling
A screw can be clockwise or anticlockwise
​The screw can be used for pushing or pulling. A pushing screw transports material away from the motor. A pulling screw transports materials towards the motor.
When you order a screw, we will need to know if it is clockwise or anticlockwise. Clockwise pushing, clockwise pulling, Anticlockwise pushing, Anticlockwise pulling.
You can tell us the total length of the screw required, and we will normally provide it in manufactured sections ready to be soldered or screwed together. We can provide shorter or longer sections according to the customer’s specifications.
Screws with Add-ons
A screw with an add-on (or various add-ons) has the following characteristics:
  • The external diameter
  • The pitch (distance between 2 spirals)
  • The type of screw with add-on
  • The strip section: height (A) thickness (B)
  • The point/add-on/reinforcement section: height (C) thickness (D)
The material can be stainless steel, carbon steel, more resistant steel, or any other material requested. All special requests from our customers will be evaluated according to the customer’s requirements.
Single strip screw
The characteristics of a screw manufactured with one strip are::
  • The exterior diameter
  • The pitch (the distance between 2 spirals)
  • The strip section: Height (A), thickness (B).
Your screw is secured to the motor shaft with a bracket. We always strengthen the bracket where it connects to the screw. A bracket has the following characteristics:
  • Exterior diameter (OD) (normally the same as the screw)
  • Thickness
  • Diameter of the central hole (diameter of the motor shaft)
  • Number of holes for the securing screws
  • Diameter of the holes
  • Distance of the holes from the central hole.


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