About Us

For over 40 years, Sinfines Factory has been a solid reference for companies involved in the handling of bulk materials, from simple advice to the development of customized engineering projects, we are always able to offer the most efficient solution with innovation, technology and transparency.

Our goals

Our goal has always been to design systems that are technologically effective, functional and efficient but above all customized. We work carefully on each project, striving to deliver the best to our customers and to satisfy their needs.
As a leader in our industry, we are used to working with all types of customers, local or international, where product customization is vital to the operation of the plant. Quality is the basis of the strength of our company and of our choices, from the materials we buy to the products we supply to the customer.
The purpose of each supply is the creation of engineering design products, with maximum yield. Our commitment to quality leads us to success and customer satisfaction.
The passion for design, the strength of our local production and the flexibility that promotes us allow us to create the most original solutions. Visit our website for a complete overview of our products and to understand our solid manufacturing reality.

Company commitments

The improvement of our services and products, always putting the clients‘ satisfaction as our main  foundation, it has been our motivation to grow year after year until today.
· Teamwork. Great objectives can only be achieved when working as a team, and it is for this reason that we work to promote group unity in all the spaces that make up the company.
· Costumer service. At Sinfines Factory we work with the essential objective of providing customized solutions according to Clients requirements in efficient ways.
· Innovation. We are proud of our 40-year history, but Sinfines Factory is is subject to change because we are a solid and innovation-driven dynamic organisation..
· Respect for the environment. Social responsibility is part of the DNA of the company itself. It is for this reason that the prevention of pollution and the improvement of the environment are the main stems of our activity.

Where we are?

Sinfines Factory is located in Polígono Industrial Mercaderías of L’Aldea, Tarragona, Spain.

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