Shaftless helicoidal screw

At Sinfines Factory we manufacture shaftless augers both
standard and according to the client’s own requirements. In fact, we can supply shaftless augers for your new projects or as spare parts of installed machines, such as shaftless auger conveyors, sludge conveyors, feeders, compactors, inclined and vertical shaftless conveyors or any other machine to use shaftless auger.

What is a shaftless screw conveyor used for?

Shaftless augers are commonly used to transport wet materials, as this type of auger allows more material movement than an auger with a shaft.
Without shaft and hanger bearings, the material can be transported freely without sticking or wrapping. A shaftless auger conveyor can be up to 90 meters long and can run in both directions. Installed vertical, inclined, horizontal, for pushing or pulling, it can be used in all kinds of applications: municipal treatment plants, endless sludge, sand, pulp, paper sorters, breweries and many more. In addition, with a polyethylene cradle it solves many problems, with little or no noise at all, facilitating a safe and quiet working environment.



How to order a shaftless helicoidal screw

Clockwise / Anticlockwise. Pushing or pulling
A screw can be clockwise or anticlockwise
​The screw can be used for pushing or pulling. A pushing screw transports material away from the motor. A pulling screw transports materials towards the motor.
When you order this tyep of screw, we will need to know if it si clockwise or anticlockwise. Clockwise pushing, clockwise pulling, Anticlockwise pushing, Anticlockwise pulling.
The total length of the auger is variable. At Sinfines Factory we normally supply assembly sections, ready for welding or bolting. In any case, we can supply shorter or longer sections according to customer specifications.
Augers with extra plates
An auger with extra plate (or several) has the following characteristics:
  • Outer diameter
  • The pitch (distance between 2 curves or flightings)
  • The type of auger with plate
  • The section of the plate: height (A) thickness (B)
  • Edge/insert/reinforcement section: height (C) thickness (D)
The material can be stainless steel, carbon steel, wear resistant steel, or any other mate-rial on demand. All special requests from our customers will be evaluated according to their specific requirements.
Single plate screw
The characteristics of a single plate screw are:
  • The outer diameter
  • The pitch (the distance between 2 flightings)
  • The plate section: Height (A), thickness (B).
The uger is bolted to the drive shaft with a flange. We always reinforce the flange where the auger and the flange ara connected. A flange has the following characteristics:
  • Outer diameter (OD) (normally the same as the auger)
  • Thickness
  • Center hole diameter (diameter of the motor shaft)
  • Number of screw holes
  • Hole diameters
  • Distance from holes to central hole


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