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Sinfines Factory is your reference company in the manufacture of augers and helical threads. In this section you will be able to see which product best suits your needs. However, remember that from Sinfines Factory we adapt to your requests and manufacture our costumized products.

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Standard screw
The standard helicoidal screw is manufactured in a special rolling machine which transforms a strip of steel into a continuous spiral from a single piece of the chosen diameter, pitch and thickness to fit the tube of a helicoidal conveyor. The standard helicoidal screw is subjected to a cold lamination process which increases the mechanical characteristics of the material.
Shaftless helicoidal screw
At Sinfines Factory we manufacture shaftless augers both standard and according to the client’s own requirements. In fact, we can supply shaftless augers for your new projects or as spare parts of installed machines, such as shaftless auger conveyors, sludge conveyors, feeders, compactors, inclined and vertical shaftless conveyors or any other machine to use shaftless auger.
Screw spirals
The spirals are manufactured individually from steel plate and are shaped into a spiral or a helix according to the diameter and pitch required so that they fit into helicoidal conveyor tubes.
Flexible springs
The flexible spring is ideal for transporting fodder, pellets, cereal, flours and other granular products. They provide the solution for long-distance transportation.
Specialist manufacture
Sinfines Factory is a company that has the customer as the central axis of its performance and concern. It is for this reason that our objective is to provide solutions to the problems that clients present to us in previous and planning meetings.

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