Technical Information

Sinfines Factory is your reference company in the manufacture of augers and helical screw. In this section you will be able to see which product best suits your needs. However, remember that from Sinfines Factory we adapt to your requests and manufacture our costumized products.
Clockwise screws
Anticlockwise screws

Standard helicoidal screws

Screws with the same pitch as the diameter are considered standard. They are appropriate for a large variety of materials and for the majority of applications.

Archimedes shaftless screw

This is most appropriate for applications within the paper and cellulose industry, incinerators, meat industry and slaughterhouses, chemicals, agricultural products, and waste water treatment plants.

Conical helicoidal screw

These are used in feeders to provide a uniform distribution of materials.

Double or triple pitch screw

The double or triple pitch screw is ideal for extracting semi-solid material.

Reduced pitch screw

Recommended for sloped or vertical applications. In fact, the short pitch helps reducing the flow of the materials.

Radial screw

Specifically designed for the transport of sticky materials. The clearance between the flighting and the shaft prevents the build-up of material.

Multiple strip screw

This type of auger consists of two or more strips of different dimeters on opposite sides mounted intertwined with each other on the sam shaft by rigid holding bars.
The material is moved forward by means of a helicoid and backwards by means of another, thus allowing a thorough and smooth mix.

Helicoid screw with cuts and double strandard pitch

Excellent for heating, cooling and ventilating light substances. The bend segments lift and disperse the material.

Progressive screw

They are used for the extraction and free flow inside hoppers.

Helicoidal screw with cuts and standard pitch

The screws bear cuts at regular intervals on the outer diameter. It allows products mixing and stirring.

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