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At Global Conveyors we design and manufacture the most suitable conveyors for your product to improve the efficiency of your company. Our products are of the highest quality and bear the expertise of more than 40 years working at the customer’s service.

ATEX Certificate

Trough screw conveyor
The original design of the screw conveyor originates from the Archimedes screw. With time, design changes (mainly in the materials used for the manufacture of the conveyor). Originally, the shafted screw was used as a pump for river water. Now it is used to transport bulk materials safely and efficiently.
Shaftless screw spiral channel conveyor
The channel screw spiral conveyor, or closed screw, is defined as such because the exterior casing is a closed tube in which openings are placed to enable the entry feeders and exits for the product, as well as any required monitoring openings.
Shaftless compactor
The shaftless screw compactor is designed to remove a large quantity of the liquids that are mixed with any type of product. This is not a 100% separation, but with this system the conditions of the material are improved for future handling or storing.
Shaftless screw conveyors
Designed to transport viscous or fibrous materials that tend to accumulate and cause obstructions. The shaftless conveyor is the ideal solution for transporting and dispensing sludge or mud from centrifuges, compactors and mixers.
Shaftless screw grit classifier
Designed to separate and clean grit. A typical grit classifier is designed to separate grit from solid residues and to extract the liquids with the screw conveyor.
Hopper extractors
Hopper extractors are generally designed for storing, moving and unloading bulk solids. Hopper extractors can vary, according to their use, from one single spiral to a several pairs of spirals.
Rotary sieve
The rotary sieve is a device for sieving liquids in general in order to carry out a solid-liquid separation, its use is common in many industrial applications. Its design characteristics give it high performance, being a self-cleaning operating equipment capable of operating for long periods of time without the need for care.
Special projects
In order to provide our customers with a service for their requirements, we build boiler products that can be used in the installation of equipment, specific machinery, component design, or even equipment assembly.

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