Hopper Extractors

Hopper extractors are generally designed to store, move and discharge bulk solids.
Extractors can be a single screw extraction feeder or multi screw extraction feeder,
depending on the application.
Usually in a double screw hopper extractor, there are an anticlockwise spiral and a clockwise spiral, to allow:
  • Convey the material from the center to the extremities of the augers transporting the material to the equipment outlet
  • Convey the material from the ends to the central part, to the equipment outlet
According to the type of application and the type of material being transported, it is important to consider the information below.
According to the hopper design, the feeding can be by: 
  • Conveyor system
  • Truck trailer
  • Front-end loader
Hoppers are designed for efficient unloading.
Unloading by gravity either a sliding valve or axially to feed an unloading conveyor.
Image on top: 4 gearbox motors, concept of 4 independent augers
Image in the middle: 2 gearbox motors, 1 or 2 outlet points per trough
Bottom image: 2 gearbox motors on opposite sides of the trough, or 1 or 2 single outlet points per trough
Low operating cost
  • There are no seals nor bearings
  • No risk of clogging that may prevent discharge 50% more filling of the transport trough compared to a conveyor with shafted screw
  • Augers pushing with free frontal discharge, guided until loading
(4) Gearboxes are independent from the motor
(4) shaftless augers
It is possible to operate one spiral only, two spirals or all the spirals at the same time depending on the desired output and the type of material to be transported or unloaded.

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